Printvinyl 29P

2 year monomeric calendered vinyl


Product Description
Face material:
75 μ White gloss soft calendered PVC film
Permanent clear acrylic
Coated Kraft liner 120 gsqm

Typical Uses – Printing
All-round, general purpose, pressure sensitive vinyl film for pure solvent, eco-solvent and mild solvent inkjet printing on all kinds of wide-format printing equipment. Short to medium term indoor and outdoor advertising and promotion on flat or slightly curved surfaces.

Physical Properties

Average values Test Method
Adhesive Data, 23° C
Quick Tack on glass
Peel 24 hours on glass
+ 11N / 25mm
+ 18 N / 25mm
Dimensional stability
% shrinkage : 48 hours at 70° C
(applied on aluminum)

Max 1.o%

FTM 14

Temperature ranges
Minimum application temperature Service temperature range
+ 0° C
– 20° C to + 70° C

Shelf Life
2 years when stored at 15 to 25° C and + 50 % relative humidity (in the original packaging).

The outdoor durability of the unprinted film is 2 years.

Overlamination of the inkjet printed material delays eventual colour fading that my occur upon time. This colour fading is dependent from the quality of the inkjet inks and the self-adhesive materials being used.

General Remark : factors affecting adhesion
To ensure application suitability – always test the proposed construction under actual application and end-use conditions before going into full production.

The following factors will adversely affect adhesion of a pressure-sensitive adhesive:

  • Dusty, dirty, oily or oxidized surfaces
  • Low surface energy substrates, such as: polyethylene, polypropyl
  • Application below the minimum application temperature or use outside of the recommended service temperature ranges.


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